Develop your business with Boomaid

By joining Boomaid; a multipurpose online platform, you will have all features and requirements that a business owner may need in only one place. As a provider sell your products, offer your services, employ your staffs, share and find innovation, cooperation, investment ideas and plans.

One platform, many opportunities

Boomaid as a trustworthy multipurpose online platform, with the motto of being comprehensive, useful and simple; has provided facilities and features that are important aspects of any business activity to aid you enhancing your business and profession which covers E-Commerce; Service Marketing; Job Marketing; Innovation, Cooperation, Investment (ICI). The best advantage of our platform is the having different possibility of choosing for both parties based on their conditions and discernment. We made it free and easy to sign up and get started for all of our users on Boomaid. We strongly believe that our users’ success is our success.


You are only one step away from launching your new online store on Boomaid. In a few simple steps, get verified, set up and develop your brand and business as much as possible by taking advantage of the powerful features of our E-Commerce section. Having plenty of options for both of parties; sellers and customers, will appeal to you as a provider. Accurate tax calculation, managed shipping and delivery process, improved searching filters and much more will help you to save up in your time and make ideal sales.

Service Marketing

In case of looking for a platform to offer and introduce different types of services to customers from all over the world, whether for their simple and daily needs or special demands, then you are in the right place. This feature helps you to advertise, receive orders, carry out and manage different types of your services in the areas you have coverage. Easy and fast way to be in touch with your clients by having various options of receiving demands and fulfill them according to schedules and terms you determine.

Job Marketing

As an important part of a business or professional activity, share your job ads in any field you need staff with those who are looking for a suitable job opportunities. Most of the skills and workshops related to demanded vacancies have been listed in order to make it easy for job seekers to apply and also employers to hire applicants.

Innovation, Cooperation, Investment

Countless and unique opportunities for cooperation between companies, groups, freelancers and individuals by announcing innovative ideas as well as new plans and projects that require investors for implementation and development in their common fields of business or even sharing ideas that could attract others’ attention.

Why providers join Boomaid everyday?!

  • All in one place; As as a provider you can sell products, offer services, post employment ads and announce ICI ideas with just one account, comprehensive platform, useful features, simple processes to manage.
  • It’s is free to sign up and get started; No monthly or annual fees for utilizing Boomaid features if providers don’t make any sales. Unlike other marketplaces, Boomaid does not charge any fees just for possessing accounts or setting up your online store on its platform.
  • Boomaid Pay as You Earn; Low and flat rate of commissions for all sales that are made by providers, either merchandise or services. Peace of mind with accurate real-time calculation of taxes and shipping costs for all orders.
  • Choices for both parties; Customers will have access to see your business profile which brings chance of being advertised and having better outcome. As we believe in explicit and trustworthy partnership, nothing to hide here but so much to show off!
  • Global scale; No limit for your business as users can easily search and find anything they look for on Boomaid by locations and other filters. It matters what you offer rather where your address is!

We are looking forward to see you in our team as a provider; Important regulations and details can be found on FAQs - Help page and also Refund/Return Policy page; For your convenience very helpful videos and guidelines have been prepared on Tutorials page which can assist you to use provider features in dashboard easily and fast.

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